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image More than seven
years on the market
Creation of unique jewelry

Products of both the premium segment and the mass market

our unique offer

Everyday people are faced with various options significant events and characters. We turn them into their exquisite shape and produce jewelry to express your personality.

Brand ETHNIQ Jewelry Co., LTD, was established to manufacture perfect accessory with using the following parameters: the latest ones innovation.

Gorodnichev Andrey is an artist with 25 years of experience and his business partner Ivan Garda founded ETHNIQ Jewelry Co., LTD back in 2013.

Over the years, we have become experts in organizing financing and integrating new products. We have built a team with deep knowledge and understanding of the market.

Jewelry production is a complex creative and technological process.

We have innovative full cycle production, which is equipped with the newest equipment, as well as marketing information team, designers, production facilities , warehouses for materials and finished products, exhibition rooms halls. All this allows us to guarantee the highest value quality of manufactured products. Experienced team the constructor team, constantly develops and designs everything is more modern and effective equipment, adapting it according to the requirements regulation bodies. Quality is ensured through strict control at every stage.

The production facilities of the company allow producing up to 10 thousand items from precious metals and up to 40 thousand items from tin alloys. This amount of work is provided by 45 employees.

Our team is constantly and confidently replenished, as the growth in demand requires a constant expansion of space and an increase in the staff of artists, gemologists, fashion designers, cutters and assemblers.

For the convenience of making a purchase, a simple and comfortable online store was created, which will make it easier for our partners to choose suitable jewelry and allow them to form an online order for the purchase of jewelry.

Today ETHNIQ Jewelry creates products from the simplest to the most exclusive models. According to individual sketches, we turn into life jewelry and interior details, with the addition of manual and laser engraving, as well as corporate and business gifts, and for the most sophisticated - elite, author's models.

In addition to the variety of the products themselves, the company performs them in various styles: Stingray, Islam, Samurai, European Design, Bali, Peacock Dragons. Thus, the company specializes in the production of its customized and own models. The brand also works in the direction of creating interiors for houses, yachts and aircraft.

It will take only 3-4 days to make any model range from scratch. The timing depends on the complexity of the product. The streamlined work process allows us to accept online orders and instantly form a production order and shipments, without excess warehouse stock.

With the help of Amazon online trading platforms in the USA, Lazada in Thailand and Indonesia, O-shopping TV in Thailand and Wildberries in Russia, all our products are conquering the world market.

We work to give you a mood, idea, emotions and feelings.

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Over the years of work, we have learned to understand our clients perfectly, so we can easily implement any idea.

Our collections - they represent a wide variety of products - bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings, chains, etc.

Our Aesthetics - We follow a subtle interpretation of the latest design trends.

Our metals- all the metals that we offer you of high quality, such as: yellow and white gold, silver, as well as various metals, alloys and coatings.

Offer from 09.05.2020
Bangkok, Thailand

At the time ETHNIQ Jewelry was founded, we were united by the common idea of creating the perfect piece of jewelry, the standard of high jewelry art. Over time, the workshop has grown into a large series production with a large turnover of bulk orders.

To go global we have created a market global platform for sales of the best jewelry stores products. Using mathematical calculations, we make predictive models for planning further actions. Thanks to mathematical forecasts, we create a comprehensive analysis of the current state of the market and predict the dynamics of further changes.


We are a confidently growing company. This requires an increase in the number of employees, and at the same time their professionalism and creative ambitions grow. Today the production base employs 40 people. They make weekly production of 10 thousand items of gold, silver or bronze and up to 40 thousand items of tin alloys. Our employees regularly attend refresher training, this helps to improve their professionalism and reduce unforeseen production costs.

Productive capacity

The ETHNIQ Jewelry brand is a stable, confidently working, constantly evolving production base with vast experience in making jewelry for every day and some special occasion. The work uses new technologies and the most modern equipment.

Our jewelry is made for people with sophisticated choices who value quality and emphasize their individuality.

Here you will find a full range of jewelry: bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, brooches, talismans and even interior details.

There are already broad collections in circulation, made in various styles: Stingray, Islam, Samurai, European design, Bali, Dragons-Peacocks. Each collection consists of 30-50 unique models. Also, more than 80 new sketches are being developed for each of them.

Enterprise reorientation plan:

Creation of a unique global platform with a clear, memorable, responsive design for visitors and a functional, flexible control panel for our partners. Our online store will allow you to conveniently shop online and attract additional visitors to retail online stores. With its help, it is easy to monitor and change the sales process, as well as receive detailed analytical information about the behavior of our customers.


Production of noble, unique, truly original models, as well as improvement of existing ones at affordable prices. Even if the jewelry has ceased to correspond to modern fashion trends, we will make changes to its design, returning it to its relevance. Our jewelry is always reliable and of very high quality, as it is created by a team of professionals who are truly in love with their work on modern high-precision equipment.


Access to the world markets online shopping sites and platforms: Amazon in USA, Lazada in Thailand and Indonesia, Teleshopping O-shoppingTV in Thailand and Wildberries in Russia. Advantage procedures export of costume jewelry it consists of what it doesn't require licensing, and the fee is only 3 euros per day 1 kg of products. Thus, the delivery time of the desired product is significantly reduced. In addition, you are provided with support from the beginning of cooperation to receiving a batch of jewelry.


Development of sales in physical stores. Italian partners and shops at Russian airports are ready to accept our goods. Airport sales will provide us with a large flow of customers. For online and land-based sales, we will cover the maximum number of potential customers.


Our offer for investors
Minimum investment amount: $ 10
Minimum investment period: 6 months (after which the client can continue cooperation and at the same time be able to return the investment body)
Profitability: 5-7% depending on the dynamics of the company's financial success
Accruals: weekly (on Wednesdays)
Withdrawal of profits and affiliate bonuses without restrictions

Special conditions for investments from $ 300,000 - an individual offer with the opportunity to become a co-owner of a company or its representative offices in the CIS, USA and Europe.


We are ready to offer the following assets as guarantees:

  • - Jewelry manufactured at the enterprise increases in price relative to the invested funds by 10 times. Accordingly, the warehouse stock of products manufactured for $ 50,000 has a retail price of $ 500,000 and, with a 40% discount, can be wholesaled to chain companies within a month for $ 300,000. Such a non-reducing stock will be formed in the warehouse during the first month, then it will only be replenished.
  • - Our main asset is the master model, the entire model range, production facilities. The cost of one new model ready for mass production is estimated at 4,000 euros. At the moment, we already have more than 200 new models in stock, which can be manufactured without preliminary preparation and about 200 that require maintenance (with technological secrets). We are ready to provide a choice of models and assist in their implementation to other jewelry enterprises in the quantities required to repay obligations.
More than 7 years of experience

ETHNIQ Jewelry Co., LTD was founded in 2013 and continues to rapidly conquer the jewelry world.

Qualified employees

Composition of the main production team: artists, gemologists, fashion designers, cutters, behind which are marketers, logistics department, designers, researchers, etc.

Excellent investment conditions

All mechanisms were aimed at obtaining comprehensive benefits on convenient terms.

Trade connections all over the world

Links have already been set up on such trading platforms as: Amazon in the USA, Lazada in Thailand and Indonesia, O-shoppingTV in Thailand and Wildberries in Russia.

all news

The company was founded by Andrey Gorodnichev and Ivan Garda. Establishment of the first production facility in Bangkok, Thailand.


Officially registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) S / N 88032751. This gives an impetus to the company's growth exponentially.


Creation of an online platform for tracking market trends, increasing sales, technical analysis and quality planning.


Start of activities at the international level. Distribution of products on such sites as: Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Wildberries, Lamoda, Ozon, Beru, Goods. Entering the Russian market, as well as the CIS countries (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan).


Threefold increase in production volume, increase in the efficiency of economic activity and implementation mechanisms.


By strengthening relationships with partners, entering and conquering the market in new countries. Also launching new products and improving production technologies.


Going to IPO. Organization and implementation of transactions to raise capital, including the withdrawal of securities to stock markets, the search for investors and strategic partners, the organization of issues and placement of shares.

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